Before investing in a new market you need to know the potential of that market(s).
i-minds can investigate the market potential for the customer and send a written report with the findings. The report will be based on the customers’ needs and can be very specific e.g. “What would the right price strategy be on the selected market” or it can be an in-depth report based on several parameters like Philip Kotler’s 4 x Ps:

  • Product – is the current product ready for the European markets?
  • Place – Where should the product be sold?
  • Price – At what price?
  • Promotion – How do make the product visible and create demand?

This report can also include initial findings and comments from potential end-users in the market who would test the products and then comment on the opportunity. The customers are free to implement the findings in the report themselves or use i-minds to do it for them.