About dbramante 1928

dbramante1928 produces full-grain leather products, respecting the core values of strength, durability, functionality and style.

Designed in Denmark, they are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, using the best materials and the finest Indian Leather.

The dbramante1928 eco-system includes Tablet, Watch, Handset and Bag ranges all handmade by skilled craftsmen

The Signature range is a sub-brand providing a premium leather case solutions exclusively to Apple and its APR’s.

dbramante1928 cases are produced in India and are available at the launch of the key Handset or Tablet hardware.

dbramante1928 takes an increasingly active approach to helping the local district and employees right where our leathers are produced and has partnered with a LittleBigHelp to create better opportunities for children living on the street and in slum areas of Kolkata, India.

Services provided by i-minds

As i-minds is the owner of dbramante1928, all services from idea, design, production, logistics, channel strategies, pricing, marketing, PR and admin are handled in-house.

Currently 15 European countries are covered by i-minds.