About defunc

With it’s focused range of earphone products Defunc is all about the retailers. Defunc provides the obvious choice for retailers when in comes to choosing their core range of branded earphones by attracting as wide a customer base as possible with the minimum number of SKU’s making the purchasing decision easier for the end consumer. Supported by clear POS this presents a simple story, but strong proposition to both retail and end customers

Services provided by i-minds

Full European sales service on all defunc products – This includes all customer contact, the launch of new products to the channel, taking orders, stock reporting, local marketing e.g. catalogues, flyers and other product exposure.

Currently 15 European countries are covered by i-minds.

Consulting – i-minds advices distribution models, channel strategies, pricing, marketing and admin strategies to defunc.

Channel Marketing service – i-minds manages the channel shows and events around Europe and handles POS materials and in-store events